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Simple Cake Decorating For A Birthday Cake Of Your Loved Ones

Simple cake decorating for a cake you can do easily. Many examples of the model or decoration that is easy for you to work on your cake. If you do not have much time to make cookies that have elaborate decorations, maybe you can decorate your cake with a simple. For example, it may be difficult to decorate the outskirts of cake to use a cream cake. Nowadays many design to the outskirts of cake decorating using a type of brown chocolate bars or other kit-kat. Then add lots of colorful chocolate candies on top of it, give too ornate gold-colored ribbon to tie brown section of the edge of the cake. Very easy is not it ?

cute simple cake decorating ideas

Cute Simple Cake Decorating Ideas

Simple cake decorating with fondant icing

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Cute Simple Cake Decorating Ideas

Perhaps you are familiar with fondant icing. Fondant icing sugar mixture is compressed in a way that resembles dough. You can provide a variety of colors on your fondant icing later began to form the shape of a unique shape as your cake decoration. Simple cake decorating you can do it easily if you understand the concept of what you want for the cake. Some people dare to do the decorating with creams that are difficult to be formed. Usually this cream will only be shaped like a motive and interest only.

The decor is pretty blend of cream and fresh fruits

Creams that are difficult for you form you can master with the help of fresh fruits. You can pick strawberries, kiwi, cherry, citrus, blueberries, and many other fresh fruits for a simple cake decorating. Fruit that has beautiful colors will make your cake look more delicious again. You can combine the color of bright color to your cake, or you can also combine brown and white with a plain decoration given a little fire in the cream until lightly golden brown.

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